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Version: 1.4.x

External Authorization

Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) provides authorization capabilities to authorize every HTTP request coming to Gateways and Workloads. TSB supports local authorization by using JWT claims and external authorization (ext-authz) which uses a service running externally to determine if a request should be allowed or denied.

You may decide to use an external authorization system if you have a separate in-house system, you want to use another authentication schema than JWT or if you want to integrate with a third party authorization solution such as Open Policy Agent (OPA) or PlainID.

Ext-authz can be configured in different contexts, such as Tier-1 Gateways, Ingress Gateways, and in Traffic Settings. Following table shows some possible ways in which external authorization can be used with TSB:

ContextSample Usage
Tier-1 GatewayTier-1 Gateways can be configured to only accept requests with valid JWT and claim for authenticated APIs, requests with proper basic authorization, etc
Ingress GatewayIngress Gateways / Tier-2 Gateways / Application Gateways can be configured to implement business logic such as limiting APIs based on user entitlements
Traffic SettingsExt-authz in Traffic Settings applies to all proxies in the associated namespaces. This is particularly useful to limit access to parts of a service API