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Version: 1.6.x

Global Observability

One of the most powerful benefits of the service mesh is providing consistent operational metrics (RED - Rate, Error, Duration), logging across every application in the mesh, and facilitating distributed tracing. However, when it comes to managing a service mesh across an organization's entire infrastructure, you're left to your own devices to piece together a view of the entire world for application developers and security owners.

Global Topology

TSB makes understanding the entire world simple by consolidating the metrics from every cluster enrolled in the service mesh into a single view. This means you can view application communication and topologies across clusters, availability zones, and regions:

Service Metrics

TSB also supports a service-centric view, giving a single view of your application's health regardless of where it's deployed or what versions exist:

While still allowing you to drill down into deployed versions of a service, individual clusters, and even specific instances of a service:

along with their Envoy metrics, of course: