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Version: 1.6.x

Tier1 Gateway in an App Cluster

A Tier1 gateway is used to distribute traffic across one or more ingress gateways (or Tier2 gateways) in other clusters using Istio mTLS. Prior to the 1.6 release, a Tier1 gateway required a dedicated cluster and could not be located with other gateways (e.g ingress gateways) or application workloads.

In TSB 1.6, you don't need to provision a dedicated cluster to run a Tier1 gateway. You can deploy a Tier1 gateway in any of your application clusters. Currently this feature is disabled by default; it will be enabled by default in a future release.

Enable Running Tier1 Gateway in App Cluster

In order to deploy a Tier1 gateway gateway in an application cluster, you will first need to edit the xcp component in the ControlPlane CR or Helm values and add an environment variable DISABLE_TIER1_TIER2_SEPARATION with value true

- apiVersion:
kind: EdgeXcp
name: edge-xcp
- path: spec.components.edgeServer.kubeSpec.deployment.env[-1]
value: "true"

Refer to Multi-cluster traffic shifting with Tier-1 Gateway for an example of how to deploy and configure a Tier1 gateway.