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Version: 1.3.x

Quickstart Introduction

In this quickstart guide, you’re going to walk through several scenarios:
✓ Deploying the Istio bookinfo sample application
✓ Creating a tenant, and connecting a cluster
✓ Creating a workspace
✓ Establishing tctl access to the Workspace
✓ Creating config groups
✓ Configuring an Ingress Gateway
✓ Checking service topology and metrics
✓ Using TSB for traffic shifting
✓ Enabling security settings within TSB

By following these guides, you’re going to learn how you can use TSB to protect your services from unauthorized access, and how to shift traffic.

Before you get started, make sure you:
✓ Familiarize yourself with TSB concepts
✓ Install the TSB demo environment

Each example will show you how to make changes using both tctl and the TSB UI.

Throughout these examples you’ll be using super admin privileges. This means that you’ll have access to everything within TSB. For production use, note that you may not be extended the same levels of access, and it’s not recommended to provide everyone with admin privileges.