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Version: 1.3.x

Topology and Metrics

Before you get started, make sure you:
✓ Familiarize yourself with TSB concepts
✓ Install the TSB demo environment
✓ Deploy the Istio Bookinfo sample app
✓ Create a Tenant
✓ Create a Workspace
✓ Create Config Groups
✓ Set-up an Ingress Gateway

To view service topology and metrics, the bookinfo app needs traffic so that TSB will have metrics and traces from bookinfo services. Use the following scripts to generate traffic:

Note: change the GATEWAY_IP to actual Ingress Gateway IP on your deployment. We already set the GATEWAY_IP variable in the previous step.

Save the following script as

while true; do
result=$(curl -m 5 -k -s -o /dev/null -I -w "%{http_code}" "" --resolve "$GATEWAY_IP")
echo date: $(date), status code: "$result"
sleep 10

Make the script executable and run it

chmod +x

This will send a request to bookinfo’s product page every 10s. After a while, you can inspect services topology and metrics in the TSB UI.

  • Under Tenant on the left panel, select Dashboard
  • Click Select Clusters-Namespaces
  • Check the items you want to see the metrics and topology for. If you followed the quickstart guide from the beginning, you should see an entry for Tenant tetrate, Namespace bookinfo, and Cluster demo.
  • Click Select